Back Fill Compound


Back Fill compound is added to soil surrounding earthing electrode for absorption of moisture and prevention from leakage of current through earthing systems for ensuring safety in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.Advance Earthing Enhancing compound is high conductivity.Improves earth absorbing power and humidity retention capability. As in conventional Earthing Systems usually patron used Salt & Charcoal .It results poor earthing resistance value and low earthing life maximum risk factor involve. To see that type issue WELKINTECH SOLUTION comes in field of Chemical Booster Systems Technology. Finally we get solutions for that type of issue and we launch Welkin BFC (Backfill Filling Compound) also its another name Earth Enhancing Compound.


The Excavated soil is suitable as a backfill but should be sieved to remove any large stones, plastic or debris and placed around the electrode taking care to ensure that it is well compacted. Material like sand,salt,coke breeze, cinders and ash shall not be used because of its acidic and corrosive nature.

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